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Ultimate’s single clappers are made of high quality engineered leather making its durability long-lasting and many layers of foam for absorbing the impact of kicks & punches. The wristband ensures solid grip and comfort. Incredibly efficient to use for speed work, pin-point accuracy and power drills. Enjoy all the advantages of this with the durability and impact resistance. The handle and the wristband remain strapped while the trainee smashes them. These lightweight and super absorbent double clappers make the ultimate choice for boxers in training which enable instructors to work with boxers and martial artists to work on their footwork, balance, coordination and power. 


🛡️【INFO】: Ultimate's high grade engineered leather single clapper will survive countless training sessions. These are made lightweight with several layers of high density foam for maximized shock resistance which are incredibly efficient to use for speed work, pin-point accuracy and power drills.

🛡️【DESIGN】: Ideal design for practicing multiple high & low kicks and punches in quick succession. The wristband and handle ensures an easy & strong grip which offers firm hold and adds extra security to ensure target control for all kinds of strikes during high Intensity training.

🛡️【FEATURE】: It improves your speed, coordination and power. They are lightweight and easy to hold when the opponent is practicing their spinning/hooking & crescent kicks.

🛡️【USAGE】: Kicking against a strike shield offers resistance compared to air kicking, giving you a better workout. These lightweight double clappers are perfect to help the boxers to sharpen their technique.

🛡️【TESTED】: Tried & tested by the athletes. Coach certified.

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