Ultimate - Punching Bag 6FT 4FT & 2FT - Hanging Chain Included - Heavy Shell Empty

Ultimate Fight GearSKU: UFG-2323-4FT-Black

Color: Black
Size: 4 FEET
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Punching Bag - Empty 

Durable Synthetic Leather shell is very tough and resilient, yet economical. Extra reinforced seams to last a long time. Comes with chain swivel. Awesome triple-layered design looks, feels and lasts like leather. Available in black / white colors.
Additional shipping will apply on all filled heavy bags.


🔷【PUNCHING BAG】: This punching bag 4FT is made of engineered leather which feels soft like leather but is very tough & resilient which can hold up to your most powerful assault. It has extra reinforced seams and triple layered design. Used as a Boxing Bag by many professions in gyms from many years.

🔷【 HANGING CHAIN】: This heavy duty hanging chain can hold upto 150 Lbs. These chains are made from high quality metal which has been specially designed and made for punch bags. Both the products have been powder coated to give extra life and make it weather-proof and is suitable for all environments. It can be affixed into wooden beams or drill fixed into other suitable places.

🔷【SIZE: 2 FT, 4 FT & 6 FT.

🔷【Colors: Black / White.


1. Fill the bag with waste fabric of any kind in small pieces 

2. Compress the filling so that the bag could get into a good shape 

3.You can also use little quantity of sand to make the bag more heavy.

Note : The bag comes unfilled but we can fill it for you too for a shipping fee.

Please watch the video, to further understand how to fill this bag.

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