Ultimate - Complete Workout Kit - 4 in 1 - Punching Bag - Metal Hook - Hanging Chain - Bag Gloves

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UFG’s complete 4 in 1 workout kit includes Punching Bag, Metal Hook, Hanging Chain & Bag Gloves.

Punching Bag : The punching bag is 4FT long and is made of engineered leather with extra reinforced seams and triple layered design which gives long lasting durability. It comes with a chain swill and can take a tough beating and used by many professionals in their training.

Metal Hook & Hanging Chain : Both the metal hook & hanging chain are constructed of high quality metal which are processed with powder coating to make it weather-proof and suitable for all environments and offers long lasting durability. It can hold up to 150 lbs and has a built-in ball bearing design which allows free 360 degree movement of punch bags. They have been specially shaped and made for punch bags and can be affixed into wooden beams or drill fixed into other suitable places and also they can be quickly loaded and unloaded, making it user friendly for all ages. 

Bag Boxing Gloves : The Boxing Gloves is one of our best products. Made of high quality engineered leather with comfort padding and designed to provide great fit & feel and to reduce impact to enable harder & longer workout. Complete with slip-on construction for easy on-off and very comfortable to use with an open thumb making it breathable providing a well ventilated feel. 

We have created some of the top performing Boxing, MMA performance gear on the market today. We stand by our products 100%. For any reason, if you are not satisfied with our product that you have purchased, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.


🔷【PUNCHING BAG】: This punching bag 4FT is made of engineered leather which feels soft like leather but is very tough & resilient which can hold up to your most powerful assault. It has extra reinforced seams and triple layered design. Used as a Boxing Bag by many professions in gyms from many years.

🔷【HEAVY METAL CEILING HOOK】: Heavy punching bag hanger mount W/360 degree hook screws & plugs constructed with high quality metal which is corrosion proof and offers long lasting durability in all environments. It has a built-in ball bearing design which allows resistance free 360 degree movement to punch bags for uninterrupted training sessions.

🔷【 HANGING CHAIN】: This heavy duty hanging chain can hold upto 150 Lbs. These chains are made from high quality metal which has been specially designed and made for punch bags. Both the products have been powder coated to give extra life and make it weather-proof and is suitable for all environments. It can be affixed into wooden beams or drill fixed into other suitable places.

🔷【BAG BOXING GLOVES】 : This boxing glove is one of our best. Made of high quality engineered leather and paired with comfort padding for optimum shock absorption. 

Size available : S/M - L/XL ,Please do mention your required size for bag gloves while ordering in comment section (S/M will be sent if no comment is written)


1. Fill the bag with waste fabric of any kind in small pieces 

2. Compress the filling so that the bag could get into a good shape 

3.You can also use little quantity of sand to make the bag more heavy

Note : The bag comes unfilled but we can fill it for you too for a shipping fee.


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