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UFG’s contender punch shields are made of high quality faux leather making its durability long-lasting and many layers of foam for absorbing the impact of kicks & punches. Reinforced grip handles ensure solid grip. Incredibly efficient to use for speed work, pin-point accuracy and power drills.


🛡️【QUALITY】: High grade faux leather construction of contender punch shields with double stitched seams will survive countless training sessions. These are made lightweight with several layers of anti-shock foam which are incredibly efficient to use for speed work, pin-point accuracy and power drills.

🛡️【DESIGN】: These are engineered with a lightweight design and the striking surface offers an ideal striking spot demanding fast and precise punches from the striker and extra thick padding to withstand powerful blows. 

🛡️【DURABILITY】 : The contender punch shields with triple reinforced riveted handles offers a secure grip & durability. These are made with the idea that they will withstand the hardest strikes. The faux leather looks and feels good and it is easy to clean and maintain.

🛡️【PROTECTION】:These large, padded blocks allow martial artists of all skill levels to practice high-impact strikes with low risk of injury. They are a great way to improve technique, accuracy and power on a realistic target.

🛡️ TESTED】: Tried and tested by the athletes. Coach certified. Weighs around 3 LBS , 4" thick. W/H. 16" round. 

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