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The deodorizers are the ultimate solution to sweaty and smelly gear for any boxer or boxing fitness enthusiast. Post-workout moistures and odors are not only unpleasant but also break down your gear over time. UFG’s deodorizers are a must have for your gloves which leaves them smelling fresh for your next workout. Constructed from high quality breathable flannel, these deodorizers are built to last. They work great for all types of boxing gloves, shoes and more.


🔷【INFO】: The glove dog cedar deodorizer absorbs all around moisture while deodorizing. Has moisture absorbing properties that pull moisture away to prevent additional odors from forming and to keep gloves hygienic.

🔷【MATERIAL】: The cotton flannel outer shell contains red cedar chips that helps absorb sweat and oil from the glove interior to make your equipment last longer and leave a fresh scent. Deodorizers are built to fit perfectly into nearly all gloves and shoes and the nun-chucks design keeps your pair together.

🔷【PURPOSE】: Avoid the stink with these easy to use Glove Dogs as these deodorizer pads contain a mixture of moisture absorption materials to will keep your gloves smelling fresh and dry for a long time. Increases life of gloves by avoiding breakdown from moisture. 

🔷【USE】: Just insert into gloves after each use to help absorb moisture and deodorize. It gives longer glove life, leaves fresh cedar scent & conforms to inner shape of your glove. Absorbs unwanted moisture and leaves gloves smelling fresh with cedar.


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