Ultimate - Belly Protection Pad For Boxing MMA Muay Thai Training

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Constructed for the highest intensity coaching, UFG’s pro training belly protector ensures maximum protection and fine support by providing you with coverage for your lower abdomen and kidneys and comfortably absorbs the most significant impacts from body shots, front kicks and knees. This belly protector is the ultimate in force absorption, ensuring the maximum protection achievable in pad technology. The multiple layers of shock absorbing foam padding are lightweight in design & flexible and give restriction-free movement.


🛡️【INFO】:  With optimal density engineered to support conditioning and all levels striking, UFG offers belly protector befitting champions around the world.  Constructed for the highest intensity coaching, the protector has the tendency to sustain nasty pounding, be it in the fighting or sparring sessions.

🛡️【DESIGN】: Designed to allow mobility for sparring and reinforced, curved impact zone for an ideal striking surface. Anatomically shaped offering the trainer comfort and secure fit. 

🛡️【COMFORT】: The new design makes for extremely comfortable use with strap system for improved adjustability. The fast on & off and the waist strap makes for a snug fit & secure attachments.

🛡️【PROTECTION】:  This specialized lightweight body pad offers complete mobility for the trainer, while absorbing high impact from the most significant of strikes and enhanced durability promises the longest life and excellent protection against heavy hitters.

🛡️【TESTED】: Tried & tested by the athletes. Coach certified for optimum performance, safety and protection.

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