Ultimate - Transparent Mouth Guard Ideal for Boxing MMA Training & General Use

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UFG's new and improved Mouth guard provides you a perfect custom fit while keeping you safe and making sure everything in your mouth stays in place by providing intense protection during intense training. The custom fit design helps prevent any injury and enhances your performance. It absorbs the shock for protection and has a passageway for oxygen during training. Delivered with its protective case for better hygiene.


🔹【PROTECTION】: Wherever there is intense training comes the need for intense protection, which our new & improved challenger mouth guards provide as they are designed for maximum impact resistant and protection against tooth damage.

🔹【DESIGN】: Advanced design for an optimal breathing during the fight and high density rubber frame for a better shock management and  top protection.

🔹【COMFORT】: This is engineered by dentists with an advanced Nextfit gel frame for better comfort & custom fit.

🔹【OXYGENATION】: The lower rubber frame, absorbs the shock when you bite and diffuses it in the direction of your strongest teeth. Made with an advanced Nextfit gel frame for better comfort and added an exclusive breathing channel for clear passageway of oxygen during training. 

🔹【TESTED】: Tried & tested by the athletes. Coach certified for optimal performance, safety and protection.



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