Ultimate - Fight Shorts For Boxing MMA Muay Thai Training & Fight

Ultimate Fight GearSKU: U-PFG-601-30

Size: 30
Color: Black / Red
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The UFG Fight Short Red / Black Kick boxing shorts are made of high quality polyester to ensure lightness and durability. Thanks to their exclusive short cut, they help you to be sharper and faster than ever. The material allows total freedom of movement and due to their reinforced seams, the shorts will have a long lifespan to accompany you in your training and fights. The wide stretch belt guarantees an excellent fit for the athlete. The shorts efficiently attach to the waist thanks to a drawstring design, and will keep up with your footwork without running the risk of slipping or riding up. On the aesthetic level, their appearance adapts to every style of fighter and will be suitable for all levels, beginners to professionals.


🔷【INFO】: With designs focused on comfort, flexibility, and range of motion, a good pair of fight shorts can help you up your game. Built for durability, our fight shorts stand up to the rigorous training and competition while staying in place. Suitable for all levels, beginners to professionals.

 🔷【MATERIAL】: Constructed of high quality 100% polyester, these shorts are lightweight and durable. An exclusive new short cut increases mobility allowing maximum range of motion for kicks and rigid waist for a secure fit.

🔷【DESIGN】: The latest ultimate fight shorts are designed to maximize your performance and allow extra flexibility in the legs. The anatomically cut at each side of the shorts allow greater range of motion and stretch for high kicks, quick stretch outs & other activities.

🔷【FLEXIBILITY】: Thanks to its lightweight & flexible fabric, fight shorts deliver superior mobility, dynamic strikes & expeditious transitions during the fight and will resist the friction, twists and pulls of MMA, Muay Thai or grappling.

🔷【COMFORT】: The locking system with a non-abrasive Velcro  and elastic waist will ensure optimal support, comfort, durability and flexibility necessary to thrive in any combat sport.

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