Ultimate - Never Giveup - Speed Ball For MMA Boxing Muay Thai Training

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UFG’s 'Never Give Up' series offers Speed Ball that is built for pro-lightening results as it is designed for rapid recoiling to develop your reflexes and increase your speed. Get that champion hand-eye-coordination in tune with this handcrafted speed ball that is tried, tested and developed with the help of top athletes. Double stitched with a durable rubber bladder inside and easy access allows ample air-filling for the perfect amount of buoyancy and consistency required for champ like performance.


🔷【INFO】: Improve your quickness and hand-eye coordination with UFG’s speed ball. Practicing with the speedball is also great cardiovascular exercise which increases muscle strength and stamina. It’s a great exercise activity which in addition to burning off calories and keeping you fit, also helps to tone and sculpt your upper body.

🔷【MATERIAL】: UFG’s 'Never Give Up' series offers Speed Ball which is constructed of high-quality engineered leather with reinforced seams to ensure long-lasting durability and is stubbornly resilient.

🔷【DESIGN】: The pear shape design speed ball comes with duo-layer and is double stitched and riveted for unbreakable durability and handstitched for champion like consistency.

🔷【PURPOSE】: Built for optimum hand eye coordination and punch speed, each ball is individually shaped and balanced with tough construction for rebound accuracy and the lightweight design ensures lightning-fast rebounds. Helps you to improve all aspects of boxing, such as quickness, defense, speed and delivering an accurate punch.

🔷【TESTED】: Tried and tested by the athletes. Coach certified.


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