Ultimate - Never Giveup - Kick Shield For Boxing MMA Muay Thai Kickboxing Training

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UFG’s Never Give Up kick shields are made of high-quality engineered leather making its durability long-lasting and 5.5” layered foam for absorbing the impact of kicks & punches. Reinforced handles on back are designed for both vertical and horizontal target positions and ensure solid grip. Extra-large contoured size is ideal for a myriad of training options. Incredible punch, kick and body shield for efficient speed work, pin-point accuracy and power drills for all athletes from youth to super heavyweight. Throw all punches, strikes, elbows, kicks, knees and more with little feel to trainer.


🔷【INFO】: Perfect accessory for any Kickboxing, MMA or Muay Thai professional. This equipment is used with a training partner who holds the shield while you are punching and kicking it. Utilizing striking shields is a great way to really develop your kicks and better your skills.

🔷【MATERIAL & DESIGN】: New compacted design providing four handles and ultra-light weight for even more freedom of movement. Multi-angled striking surface and breathable engineered leather reinforced for durability. The core is padded with high performance 5.5” of layered shock absorbing foam.

🔷【DURABILITY】: The kick shield is reinforced with riveted handles for a secure grip & durability. Kick shields are made with the idea that they will withstand the hardest strikes which are kicks and knees. Great for practicing heavy kicks on an actual person.  

🔷【USAGE】: Perfect striking shield for strikers who want to practice leg/thigh kicks, foot jabs, knees and even body punches. Handles are positioned strategically to allow the holder to hold vertically, horizontally, or one-handed. The engineered leather looks & feels good and it is easy to clean and maintain.

🔷【TESTED】: Tried and tested by the athletes. Coach certified.

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