Ultimate Fight GearSKU: U8102 All Black

Size: 8
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Fighting unleashes the highly anticipated, long awaited
Superior Boxing Shoes featuring a brilliant compilation of rich patent leather, intense strategic nylon weave micro-mesh insets for a dominant ring shoe crafted for speed and explosion.  Exclusive Fighting  shock suppression series insole insets, technically inserted at key impact zones in the toe, heel and arch, to offer the ultimate in support and impact resistance during intense ring action.  Full EVA midsole and extruded gum rubber, three-dimensional outsole delivers superior traction, pin-point pivots, flexibility and rigid durability. Micro mesh insets and tongue allow hot air release during training and competition to keep boxers cool and dry.  Includes three-quarters lace-up security with raised accents for professional looks and results.  Approximate 7.5” height is ideal for added support, performance and speed.

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