Ultimate - Antique - Gray Series Focus Pad - Genuine Leather

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Ultimate's  Antique Focus Pad ensures the comfort for both the puncher and the holder at the same time . The vintage curved focus pads give an old school look. Made from the finest cow hide leather, the focus pads are lightweight & durable and the target area makes it easy to see the punching target. Additionally, the anatomical curved design with wrist padding and shock absorbing foam ensure comfort and safety.


🛡️【INFO】: Ultimate's 100% genuine cowhide leather construction focus pads will survive countless training sessions. These are made lightweight with several layers of foam for maximized shock resistance which are incredibly efficient to use for speed work, pin-point accuracy and power drills.

🛡️【DESIGN】: Contoured striking surface & target design, offers an ideal striking spot demanding fast and precise punches from the striker. Slightly angled for comfort with extra thick padding to withstand powerful blows.

🛡️【COMFORT】:The cool mesh system ensures hygiene & breathability by preventing moisture build-up. Soft padded place for hands with balloon grip & adjustable velcro wrist strap offers further support and stability during grueling training sessions. These lightweight focus pads retain their shape for long-lasting perfection.

🛡️【PROTECTION】: The curved focus pads are constructed to fit the natural curvature of the hand & the extra padding at the wrist offers additional protection for the wearer when facing aggressive punches, jabs, hooks, uppercuts and pad drills.

🛡️【DIMENSION】 : 9" tall x 7.5" wide x 2" thick. Comes as a Pair (2 Mitts). Tried & tested by the athletes. Coach certified.


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